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(July 26, 2006)
New photo gallery online at

1974 AMC Gremlin race-car rebuild project
(revised 2006 work)
For 2006, I have decided to engage in some serious car building efforts for my "formerly red & black" AMC Gremlin 1/4 mile race car. Just recently I got it back from the paint shop in its new color of 1969 AMC "Big Bad Orange" with black detailing. Pictures of its return from the paint shop look like this:


Yes, there are new updates to this page (finally).
Oddly enough, I have been voted in as the 2006 President of the local Mopars Unlimited auto club.

Look for new links of my current work in progress 1969 AMX and my 1974 Gremlin "X" race car. (coming soon)




This dude has been digging since 2001 and still has not finished!
Last updated on 07/26/2006